July 6, 2012

How You Can Get Ziana For $20

ziana coupon

When I switched to Ziana back in October, a reader told me her insurance stopped covering the acne gel. I never ran into the issue of having to pay an arm and a leg for the topical until now.

I pulled up to the pharmacy drive thru to grab my filled prescription a couple weeks ago and the Pharmacist said, "That'll be $250."

I almost choked. How did Ziana go from costing me $50 to $250?! WHAT IN THE WHAT WHAT?! Needless to say, I didn't fork over the money. The Pharmacist was nice enough to let me know that I could get a coupon online. And she was right! Here's how you do it if you have insurance. There's a way to do it if you don't have insurance, but I'm not quite sure of that procedure.

1. Click here to sign up for Ziana's Medicis MediSAVE Program.

2. Call MediSAVE to "activate" your card, which means just giving them you and your doctor's information.

3. Call your Dermatologist and have them fax over a prescription to MediSAVE. They should have the information. If not, ask MediSAVE.

4. You will be charged $20.

5. A tube of Ziana will be dropped off at your doorstep.

6. Repeat the third step when your tube is finished.

Now that's what I call beating the system.

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