September 6, 2012

TMI Thursday: How I Got Rid Of My Ingrown Hairs For Good...Sort Of

How I Got Rid Of My Ingrown Hairs For Good
After my first bikini wax, my ingrown hairs returned with a vengeance! Granted, I didn't follow the beauticians advice to exfoliate my lady bits. Oops.

So during my second wax session, the girl waxing me off (insert inappropriate joke here—ha!) mentioned that a lot of my ingrown hairs were cystic meaning a possible infection. Gasp! She tried to peddle some product the spa has, but ultimately said Tend Skin would do the job as well...but I had to get into the habit of dabbing it on my girly parts daily. Not a newbie to daily beauty routines, I knew this was something I could do.

To take this new regimen a step further, I bought Skin Tight Clearing Cleanser (Skin Tight products are the shiiiiiiiiit!) and used the cleanser down thurr before I used my body wash.

I've been doing this for a month and half and the combination of Skin Tight and Tend Skin has really diminished the amount of ingrown hairs I have. It's so wonderful!

So ladies, do yourself a favor and try this routine of mine:
Use the Skin Tight Clearing Cleanser in the shower and swab some Tend Skin on as you get dressed. Your va-jay-jay will thank you.

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