June 28, 2012

Anemia Tales: Iron Tablet Tummy Troubles

tmi thursday
Remember when I mentioned my wretched heavy flow made me Anemic? Well, since then I have been on iron supplements and they have been working fine. After the first month of trial, my levels came up and my doc was pretty impressed with the rapid change. That was about six months ago.

This past week my stomach started bothering me, a lot (read: loose bowel movements). And I seriously couldn't figure out why. I eat almost the same thing everyday; it's how I've been able to drop the pounds. I'm not much of a food-adventurist. I'll try something once, but I am a picky person when it comes to food. ANYWAY...

I did some research and it turns out that if the dosage of your iron supplements are too high, it can irritate your stomach and cause diarrhea. Noticing that I have been feeling exceptionally well the past couple months, I thought this might be the cause of my tummy troubles. I stopped taking the pills, loaded up on the yogurt, and changed to a lower dosage. So far, so good.

Perhaps going on birth control curbed my Anemia, causing my iron levels to go up and reducing my need for the supplements.

June 27, 2012

NAILS: Blue & Glitter Color Block

blue and glitter nails

Not sure if you want to call this a complete color block, but whatever. I really wanted to wear blue lacquer (SpaRitual Circle of Life) and decided to spruce up my finger nails a bit by painting two with OPI Spark De Triomphe.

After I was done painting, I realized the color combo pays homage to my alma mater.

Wuddup, big blue!

June 26, 2012

Orbit White Gum Does Wonders For Your Teeth

orbit white gum packs
It's no secret I love my teeth. If you had braces for a long-ass-time, you'd be freakin' obsessed too. TRUST. ME.

Often, people ask me how my teeth are so white. I usually spill a couple secrets, which you can find here and here.

You see, when it comes to having white teeth, I will try almost ANY-THING...that seems safe. Ha! Having white teeth really isn't that big of a deal, alas, I still strive to get my brightest smile. Like I said, obsessed with my chompers.

In the peak of my white teeth obsession four years ago, I discovered Orbit White gum. It claims that "chewing 2 pieces of Orbit White after eating and drinking helps remove stains and whiten teeth. Based on an 8-week clinical test." I chewed the gum for at most three months and saw an amazing difference! I'm dead serious. I was shocked, because I actually thought it wouldn't work.

Back when I was hoarding this gum like it was water in a drought, it only came in the car friendly container. I got sick of carrying that clunky case and decided to stick to the regular Orbit gum. Now it comes in an easy convertible pack and I am so excited to start chewing it again to maintain my pearly whites!

June 25, 2012

Been There Done That: BB Cream For Dark Skin

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

WTF is BB Cream ANYWAY, RIGHT?! For some reason, it is all the rage in the beauty world right now. Bottles of this stuff are flying (not literally, that would be dangerous) off shelves as ladies try to grab their hands on the best bottle of BB Cream.

In a nutshell, it's a lazy girl moisturizer aka tinted moisturizer...and then some. BB Cream is a multi-purpose face cream. Depending on the brand you get, it usually has foundation, anti-aging elements, brightening skin formula and etc.

I recently got my hands on Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, which is available in five different shades and has eight different skin improving elements in it.

While I love that it's light on my skin and leaves me oil-free all day, I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of BB Cream in general. I'm very cautious about what I put on my face and I just don't fully understand what's in BB Cream to want to wear it everyday under my foundation. I do think it's perfect for hot days. In the summer heat, I like to wear no makeup and this is a great alternative to achieve (some) coverage.

Do you use BB Cream?

June 18, 2012

Anti-Aging Nail Polish?

Dermelect ME in Above It

Y'all. I'm tripping (nail polish) bottles over here. The beauty industry really does think of everything, don't they?

This here new nail lacquer by Dermelect is called ME. A new polish of its own kind. It's infused with a peptide (pure protein) and comes in six luscious colors. The product's formula is suppose to restore your nail's health while providing protection against UV rays, water and detergent.

I think you're supposed to use it alone, but I used it with my base coat and top coat out of pure nail junkie habit. I know it's only been a day since I used it, but I can feel my nails harden. The best part about the polish is its glossy shine and fast drying time.

I say you can never have too many good nail lacquers out there to use. What do you think about this new product? Necessary?

June 14, 2012

TMI THURSDAY: My Completely Bare Bikini Wax

tmi thursday dark berry beauty bikni wax completely bare bikini wax
DO NOT READ ON if you wish to not read in detail about my first bikini wax experience. BUT, I encourage you too take a peek. It'll be educational. I did this as an attempt to tame my ingrown hairs. Jessica Coba, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of European Wax Center confirms this theory saying, "Waxing can reduce ingrown hairs and blemishes."

Alright, let's go!

"We should treat our vagina like our face," said my Aesthetician (V is her name) as she ripped off the waxing strip from my lady bits.

I didn't flinch nor scream. I continued our conversation. "Oh, really? I guess you're right."

I then thought, the skin down there is very sensitive and deserves the right tender, love, and care. (Pun intended!)

The waxing procedure I went with was the Completely Bare, which is exclusively at Completely Bare spas. This meant I was getting every piece of hair off (EV-ER-Y. PIECE.) with their painless wax.

During the entire session as I laid there spread eagle with my hoohah in the beautician's face, I was laughing. It was not out of nerves, it was out of pure enjoyment. I know. I'm sick. I mean, I told you guys last week I love getting my eyebrows wax because I find it relaxing. I just so happen to be really ticklish around my tummy area, so when she laid her hand on my stomach I roared out school girl giggles.

She was confused as to why me, a first-time waxer, was having a blast. I didn't even take any painkillers beforehand. Freak-of-nature I am.

After V was done, she informed me of the importance of exfoliating the skin and using an astringent (like Tend Skin) or acne spot cream. Both will help fight irritation and bumps.

Post-wax, I booked my next appointment. Yes. I think I am going to be a regular waxer. Ingrown hairs begone!

Do you get your bits waxed regularly?

June 13, 2012

I Put My Sally Hansen Salon Effects on My Toes!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects on toes
Last night, I gave myself a very quick mani and pedi. I used my newly acquired Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Rock N' Roar. (I'm no stranger to the power of the strip!) After all was said and done with my manicure, I realized I had two giant-sized extra lacquer stickers.

I looked down at my big toes and said, "Why not! They fit...sort of." The strips don't exactly cover my entire toenail, but I'll take it. Thus, the creation above.

No nail strip left behind, I say!

June 11, 2012

Update: Dealing With Stretch Marks

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Advanced Cream Formula

It's been over a year since I started using Mederma's Stretch Marks Therapy Advanced Cream Formula. As I mentioned last March, I have stretch marks on my arms and college-acquired love handles. The bottle is almost done and I think it's time I evaluate the formula's work!

Looking down at my arms I see a slight difference. My stretch marks are still visible, but not as noticeable as before. As for the muffin top, the Mederma made the light-brown marks fade. The darker marks are still there, but are definitely a shade lighter.

Now, I have a confession. I didn't use the product every single day for the past year. I used it on and off, skipping months. Needless to say, it still did the job. I definitely feel more comfortable wearing shoulder baring tops and dresses than I did a year ago.

Have you tried the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy Advanced Cream Formula?

June 7, 2012


what waxing is like
There have been many times where I've fallen asleep on the waxing table as the aesthetician was waxing and tweezing my eyebrows. I can't help it. I find waxing extremely relaxing and I don't know why. It really isn't the best experience.

A hot thick and syrup-like solution is smeared on your face, only to be followed by a notion that feels like a million tiny needles are scraping your skin. And if all the hairs have not been picked up by the wax, the sharp edges of the tweezer poke you, tugging at the stray hairs and yanking them out of their cuticles. Does that sound appealing to you?

This. Is. Heaven...to me.

During my normal bi-weekly trip to the Benefit Brow Bar, I found myself falling into a slumber in the chair and hoping my specialist would use her tweezer just one-more-time to pull the hair out of my face. It's like with every hair that is being lifted from my brows, stress is being pulled away. Does that even make sense? I sound like a crazy person.

Anyway, I'm getting my first bikini wax at Completely Bare NYC very soon and expect to leave my appointment like I left my brow session: relaxed.

June 5, 2012

Nails Inspired By Beyoncé

beyonce revel atlantic city performance
While browsing through photos of Bey's performance in Atlantic City, I noticed she was rocking my favorite nail trend: two-tone nails. Something I did back in August here, here, and here.

Being that Beyoncé is one of my favorite divas, I decided to copy her nail swag because I haven't done a creative nail post in a while. I never really wear pink nail polish because I'm not fond of the color, but for my girl Bey, I will put my dislikes aside.

Nonetheless, I'm not a fan of this. I don't think the combo goes well with my skin tone. My nails can be spotted in the lower left corner of the pic.

June 4, 2012

My Beauty Resolutions - The 6 Month Checkup

dara adeeyo

At the beginning of the year I had five beauty resolutions:

1. Clean my makeup brushes every week, not every 6 months or... never.

2. Stick to my juice cleanse/reboot for at least 30 days.

3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

4. Drink more water.

5. Keep up with Bikram Yoga.

Now, we are halfway through 2012 (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!) and I am not proud of myself. I've only stuck with TWO of the resolutions.

1. I haven't cleaned my makeup brushes since January (eeewww). I'll clean them right after this blog post.

2. I didn't stick to my juice cleanse/reboot for 30 days. It may have been an EPIC FAIL, but I figured out why.


4. I've been drinking a lot more water (I average 5 cups a day!) because I've been doing Bikram Yoga at least three times a week. The more yoga I do, the more water my body needs.

5. I'm a Bikram Yogi and proud of it

Anyone else create or stick to their beauty resolutions?

Bikram Yoga Challenge: And I'm Back!

I'm making my return to yoga this week. I missed the last two weeks because I was on vacation two weeks ago and last week, I was still adjusting to being back from vacation (HA!). I'm back on my grind this week Berries!

June 2, 2012

Dove Debuts 'Followers'

As a long time fan of Dove, I'm so excited about their "Followers" campaign!

Research reveals that only 4 percent of girls look to world leaders or business leaders as role models. And this is sad. The world is filled with amazing women, but unfortunately, the leaders that are most visible are those that are pop stars and celebrities.

Let me digress for a bit. When it comes to philanthropy, the one thing I care about is children/young adults. I think youngin's need to have great people to look up to that aren't in the media. Hence, why I was a Big Sister for many years. The youth are our future and I don't think we are doing enough to protect them.

With Dove's new campaign, their goal is to make real women who are doing really amazing things famous role models. Check out the video below to get a good grasp:

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