October 8, 2012

Change Must Come: Bangs and Buh-Byes!

black hair bangs

This will be my last post...ever. Don't cry! Don't wail! Be happy! Change is good!

I've come to terms with the fact that I just can't keep up this bombing-ass blog while maintaining an even more kickass full-time job. It hurts. It really does. But the truth is, I must move on. You can keep up with my budding career HERE on my semi-profesh/semi-personal bloggy blog...that I sporadically update.

This was really a hard decision because I love you all. From your emails to your comments, you've all been such wonderful fans. I never thought 10,000 of you would be tuning into my stupid bantics (beauty antics) every month.

And being that my first post was about my hair, it only felt right to close it with a hair story. So, here I go!

I recently got bangs (as you can see above). They swoop my face and are a real pain in my you-know-what. Alas, I love them. I needed a change in my hair. Ron worked his magic and va-va-voom! I feel like Aaliyah—Are you that somebody??

One last black hair lesson from my mastermind of a hairstylist, Ron:

Only shampoo your hair once a week and wash mid-week with just a conditioner. It will do WONDERS for your hair. Seriously. It's called cleansing. When you shampoo, you strip your strands of essential oils. By only conditioning, you will restore said oils (and gain bounce!!) to your hair.

Last note: I'm no longer Anemic. Between the birth control, iron supplements, and my obsession with broccoli, spinach, and flax, I rid myself of Anemia. Huzzah!

Hit me up on Twitter or email or whatever to stay in touch. Mwah!

October 1, 2012

Fall Inspired Nails

fall nails
It's the first day of October! How the eff did that happen?! 2012 is zooming by!

I decided to give my nails a touch of my favorite season: fall. The bottom coat is Riveting from China Glaze, a sparkly orange/red mix. The top coat is Rina from Zoya, a green confetti-esque polish. This combo was inspired by the autumn leaves!

What do you think?

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